Status Update 19th May 2017 - Trophy Lodge!

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Re: Status Update 19th May 2017 - Trophy Lodge!

Postby Violator31 » May 31st, 2017, 1:42 pm

L3M182 wrote:I check the steam numbers fairly regularly as it's really the only piece of solid info we have

I've seen that suggested before. Thanks. I've never gone there to check. I don't generally worry about it much. I guess it's not that I don't worry about the game shutting down, I just don't dwell on it.

="L3M182"Late spring early summer iseems always to bethe quiet time.

Makes sense. Longer days, cook outs, camping, etc.
Myself, I know in the fall I go crazy here. Getting amped up waiting for hunting season to open. For the first couple of years I played this game it was only minimal & in the fall especially.
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Re: Status Update 19th May 2017 - Trophy Lodge!

Postby Hawkeye » May 31st, 2017, 2:17 pm

phil1 wrote:So where's the cutoff for good info, I've asked friends ranging from 500 to 37000 hunterscore, so I've got a good idea of how many are playing, combined with the number of people in competitions, special events and those of my friends who were long time players, but have stopped playing. BTW I never believed the 6,000,000 player rubbish, nor the previous 5,000,000 or the 4,000,000. ;)

Well, there are nearly 5 million users on Steam alone, if you're not afraid to let facts get in the way of your narrative...Steam Spy or Steam DB

Keep in mind, this is a near worldwide title, and is popular in areas of the world where Steam isn't. If you've been around this Forum for long, you know how Steam is bashed, and a relatively high percentage of players just refuse to use it. With 4.7 million Steam users, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to have well over a million more using the web launcher.

Also, the numbers being thrown around here are for concurrent players, not total players. There have been around 34k unique Steam players in the past 2 weeks with an average 4 hour playtime, which is a slight increase from the prior 2 weeks. Classic has been riding a high that started around the launch of Timbergold & was further bolstered by the announcement & subsequent launch of CotW. It looks like, based on the charts, that the CotW release brought many players to Classic, and that peak has been trailing off a bit. That peak nearly reached the previous high from the initial Steam launch, which is hardly a doom & gloom scenario. The current numbers (daily concurrent) are still higher than pre-CotW.

I think it's a little premature to start talking doom/gloom for Classic. Literally everything that you can look at speaks to the opposite. EW is currently making big investments into Classic (see Trophy Lodge, for which this discussion is intended). Steam chart numbers just coming off near all-time high. Can you think of any other games reaching their Steam release numbers 2 years after launch?
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Re: Status Update 19th May 2017 - Trophy Lodge!

Postby L3M182 » May 31st, 2017, 2:35 pm

In the top 50 played on steam and that's not the full player base. If it was a steam only title I think it would be in the top 30. Obv
The. Top 3 are way out in front and the drop of is severe but still

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